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2017 Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council Seat B Official Primary Results – UPDATE

By Eddie Mouss UPDATE: This article was updated on September 27, 2017, to reflect the official results. Okmulgee, Oklahoma – On September 16, 2017, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation held primary elections to decide Seat B representation on the National Council. The official results are now available as of September 27, 2017. The MCN election Board’s websites states … Continue reading

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Until the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Natural Resource Conservation Commission (MCNNRCC) receives a qualified restricted landowner list from MCN Realty, Chairman Edward F. Mouss has proposed to proceed with an election of Commissioner B and Commissioner C, so as to proceed with business matters of the Commission, on July 19, 2017. Continue reading

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Voter Awareness 2012: Who is Your Choice For President?

The United States presidential election is just a few weeks away. It is important to note that many states across the U.S. offer more choices on their election ballots than just the Democratic and Republican parties. In Oklahoma, where the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is located, there are only two choices for president allowed on the … Continue reading

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Voter Awareness 2012: Who is Your Favorite Candidate For the Upcoming Wagoner District Special Election?

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Voter Awareness 2012: Who is Your Favorite Candidate For the Upcoming Creek District Special Election?

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Poll: How Often Does Your Muscogee (Creek) National Council Representatives Respond To Your Emails?

If you have a response that is not listed on this poll, please enter it into the box labeled “Other”. Mvto.

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Voter Awareness 2011: Latest Muscogee Nation Voter Statistics

Listed below are some of the latest Muscogee (Creek) voter statistics released by the Election Board as of September 9, 2011. Total Number of Voters:                                                 16,076 Total Number of Voters Per District:             Creek District                                                   2,038 McIntosh District                                              2,136 Muscogee District                                           1,102 Okfuskee District                                              1,733 Okmulgee District                                           3,508 Tukvpvtce District                                           1,594 Tulsa … Continue reading

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Voter Awareness 2011: Affects of Constitutional Amendment A67

By Edward F. Mouss II (Updated 2-15-12) Many Muscogee voters are probably wondering how the new voting system will affect their district and representation on the National Council. While it may seem unclear, there are aspects of the new voting system that are certain. One certainty is that there will be no district that will … Continue reading

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