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Future of Tulsa Creek Indian Community Smoke Shop in Limbo Due to River Spirit “Gasino” Plans – Meeting Scheduled 1-24-19

Posted By Staff Writer Letter sent out to TCIC Members on Jan. 18, 2019: The Riverside Indian Smoke shop (RISS) is an enterprise of the Tulsa Creek Indian Community. The smoke shop has been in operation for more than 20 years and has made money for the community and has paid taxes to the Muscogee … Continue reading

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“Heard at the Grounds”: Giving Local Communities a Voice in Tribal Gaming Act

Op/Ed By ef mouss What began as an endeavor of a small Federally recognized tribe to engage in the most successful economic development initiative in Indian Country and individual Indian heir(s) to a restricted Indian allotment seeking to realize the highest and best use of their inheritance has now been thrust into the limelight of … Continue reading

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“Heard at the Grounds”: Responsible Use of Transportation Funds??

By ef mouss The Federal Highway Construction program expires Sept. 30; as does the 18.4 cents a gallon federal gasoline tax and the 24.4 cents a gallon diesel tax that pay for much of the program. Failure to pass legislation to re-authorize and fund highways and air travel could result in a loss of millions … Continue reading

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Heard at the Grounds – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Deal NO DEAL Deal….

By ef mouss United States Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner says he wants President Obama’s speech to Congress to take place on Thursday not on Wednesday evening of next week, The White House’s spokesman has said Obama’s Jobs speech was planned for a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. This was the … Continue reading

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Heard at the Grounds: Creek Election on “Leadership Traits”

By ef mouss At the Eufaula Indian Community forum held Thursday pm, August 25th, the full range of candidates from Council Representatives to Principal Chief contained improved political substance from earlier messages conveyed to the voters. Three Principal Chief candidates separated themselves from the remainder expressing real-life experiences of leadership in the United States military, … Continue reading

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“Heard at the Grounds” Leadership Qualities: Forward Looking and Competence

By ef mouss August 23, 2011 On the August 18, 2011 the Chickasaw Nation and Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (“Plaintiff Nations”) filed a 36 Page Federal Complaint in the Western Federal District Court of Oklahoma seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to protect their federal rights— including their present and future use water rights, regulatory authority … Continue reading

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“Heard At The Grounds”: Creek Election “On Governance”

By ef mouss August 19, 2011 The Creek election forumheld at the Dewar Indian Community Center Friday was attended on the premise that at some point some Chief candidate would speak on Governance. Governance is the act of governing. It relates to decisions that define citizen expectations, the grant of power through a legislative agenda … Continue reading

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“Heard at The Grounds”: Creek Election Second Chief’s Race “Fired Up”

by ef mouss The Creek election forum held at the Sapulpa Indian Community Center Monday evening was “Fired Up.” The Second Chief candidates stoked up the rhetoric. David Dunson spoke with authority and endorsed the use of impeachment; Nathan Buck won the comedian award for the night; and Jerry Wilson gave us the option of … Continue reading

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“Heard at the Grounds” : Creek Election “Ho Hum”

Creek Election “Ho Hum” by ef mouss The Creek Election forum held at the Checotah Indian Community Center Monday evening was as exciting as an unemployment line.  The Principal Chief candidates espoused their credentials with rhetoric uncharacteristic of noted Creek orators of old. Missing were the icy tones of Claude Cox’s request for appropriations before … Continue reading

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