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M(C)CC Shuts Down Facebook Internet Community Indefinitely – Next Phase Begins

By Edward F. Mouss II

Okmulgee Lake

Okmulgee Lake

On August 8,  2012, I made the decision to de-activate the Facebook page of the Muscogee (Creek) Citizens Coalition’s Internet Community indefinitely. The decision was made after I came to the conclusion that at this moment in time I cannot represent the M(C)CC properly in that type of forum.

I apologize for the rants on the M(C)CC’s Internet Community page.  But I can’t be afraid to make mistakes. I’ve determined this project will move on as planned. It has been one year since this site was established. The M(C)CC Internet Community has served it’s purpose and it is now time to move on to the next phase in web development.

The next phase will include tasks such as completing a sustainable not for profit business plan, securing funding, and further technical developments with the blog site.  I will also look for additional writers and members for the board of directors.

Though I don’t always choose the right words, the words I write aren’t meant to degrade the tribal leader’s. They are meant to make them stronger and better leaders for the people.

Thank you for your support at the M(C)CC’s now defunct Facebook Internet Community. Look for a new Facebook page for Tribal Town Radio. You can also follow us on Twitter.  Twitter will feature the news feed previously found at the M(C)CC’s FB page.

Happy Birthday Tribal Town Radio!!! You are one year old. Mvto!


About Tribal Town Radio

Web project of Muscogee (Creek) Citizens Coalition Inc. Muscogee (Creek) Citizens Coalition Inc. is an web-based not for profit organization registered with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. The vision of the M(C)CC is to help build stronger communities through the use of technology and the sharing of information.


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