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Principal Chief George Tiger Presents Status Report On “90-Day Plan”

By Edward F. Mouss II

Principal Chief George Tiger

Principal Chief George Tiger presenting a status report for his 90-Day Plan at the National Council’s Quarterly Session on April 28,2012.

On April 28, 2012, Principal Chief George Tiger gave a report outlining the status of his administrations “90-Day Plan” which was presented at the Muscogee (Creek) National Council’s Quarterly Session. Principal Chief Tiger’s 90-Day Plan was initially presented to the National Council earlier this year at the State of Nation address. Tiger’s report covered a total of eleven main issues that included topics such as the Judiciary, the Communities, economic development, health, and housing.

The judiciary had about six goals set by Tiger for the Executive Branch to carry out. Tiger reported that his administration submitted legislation to the National Council, which was later passed, that re-organized the District Court into three trial court divisions. One district judge, Greg Bigler, was confirmed by the National Council and resumes for Judge candidates are being reviewed to make the other two appointments. Two nominees to the Supreme Court were also approved by the National Council.

Tiger reported that, in March, he directed the Controller to conduct an audit of the Judiciary under the authority of MCNCA Title 26 5-109. Tiger states that he has drafted a bill to amend the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s Constitution that would “…reduce at-large representation that will be presented to the National Council in May.” Legislation to establish a Legal Review Commission is also being drafted. According to Tiger’s report, the Legal Review Commission will investigate allegations of judicial misconduct and can recommend disciplinary actions and other intervening actions such as the removal of a judge. The commission will have the authority to investigate the conduct of persons subject to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Judicial Rules of Conduct.

The communities had several objectives accomplished for their benefit. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Executive Director, Jerry Wilson, is drafting new policies for the Department of Community Research and Development to implement that will “…provide technical support and give guidance to the Communities.” In the lawsuit of Ellis v. Eufaula Community Partners, Inc., the Temporary Restraining Order has been vacated and “the Chief, employee, agents and the Controller were removed from Eufaula Community Partners bank accounts.” And the Title 11 Facility Use Agreements are being amended to better meet the needs of each community rather than having one agreement that applies to all communities.

Under economic development, the Principal Chief’s objectives included categories such as Corporate Charters, a Small Business Development Center, the tribes Permanent Fund, and other business models or new ventures. Tiger stated that legislation has been drafted to create a new Small Business Development Center but further study is needed to identify a source of funding for the project. Legislation has also been drafted to dissolve the tribes Trade and Commerce Authority but further review is needed due to outstanding litigation. The Chief also thanked the National Council for their part in making the Riverwalk purchase happen and said legislation will be presented soon to request the rest of the funding for the purchase.

National Council members in attendance during Principal Chief Tiger's report.

National Council members in attendance during Principal Chief Tiger’s report on his 90-Day Plan. Seated Left to right is Speaker Sam Alexander (Tulsa), Sergeant-At-Arms Shirlene Ade (Tukvpvtce), Thomas Yahola (Tukvpvtce), and Eddie LeGrone (Muskogee) in the foreground.

A new Director of Health has been appointed to lead the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Health Division. Mr. Seneca Smith will be named as the acting Director of Health starting June 1, 2012. Smith’s name will be submitted to the National Council for confirmation after a sixty day probationary period. The Principal Chief will work with the new Director of Health to create an new board for the health division. And an update to the tribes overall Health Improvement Plan is being made.

A copy of the full text of Chief Tiger’s status report can be found here.


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